Welcome to St Bernard's Parish

St Bernard's is located in the south side of Glasgow. Our parish takes in the areas of South Nitshill, Old Nitshill, and Parkhouse. Our Parish was estsablished in 1960, and our current Church building opened in 1963.

Our Parish Priest is Fr Neil McGarrity, who is resident in the neighbouring parish of St Robert's.

The Syro Malabar Community, many of whom are from Kerala in India, are also based in St Bernard's. The Chaplain to their community is Fr George Thelliankal.


First Reconciliation Enrolment Mass: Sunday 6th November


10am Mass in St Robert’s Church for children of St Robert’s Parish and

11.30am Mass in St Bernard’s Church for children of St Bernard’s Parish.

First Holy Communion Enrolment Mass: Sunday 13th November


10am Mass in St Robert’s Church for children of St Robert’s Parish and

11.30am Mass in St. Bernard’s Church for children of St Bernard’s Parish.

Parents wishing to present their children for sacraments need to do so at this Mass and attend Mass weekly thereafter, as children's attendance is taken. Parents should also ensure that they sign up at the registration table at the back of the church on the day of the Enrolment Mass so that we have all necessary contact details of the children who will be presented.


Parents who require any further information should contact Fr Neil.


Holy Mass is celebrated each Sunday in St Bernard's at 11.30am and 4pm. The 4pm Mass is the Syro Malabar Rite and is celebrated in Malayalam. There are two further Syro Malabar Masses, at 5.30pm on a Friday and Saturday. 

Our Children's Liturgy for children who are preparing for sacraments takes place at the 11.30 Mass each Sunday. 

Everyone is welcome to join us for our celebration of the Eucharist.